Outsourcing Process 

We offer solutions that meet all your requirements, simplified into 4 steps: 

Step 1: Your Requirements and Design

We understand how to reduce weight, thus lowering costs while enhancing product quality. To enhance our services, we provide skilled engineers who collaborate with your team to adjust and optimize your products. During this phase, our experts can work with your design team to meet your expectations. 

Step 2: Project Engineering Process

The project engineering process is a crucial part of our organization. However, understanding and meeting the customer's requirements is paramount. We take full responsibility for tool design, ensuring early involvement of our tool manufacturers. We use a "tool history record" to enhance the quality of new and replacement tools, always utilizing computer software simulations to optimize production.

Step 3: Production

A one-stop manufacturing solution
As a comprehensive service provider for sand grinding castingresin shell mold castingprecision castingand pressure casting products, we are your trusted partner.

QIAO FU SHEN provides a casting process within a complete production unit, including robotics, casting, cooling, deburring and sandblasting, along with individual machine concepts. With carefully designed production processes and high levels of automation and operational management, we can provide world-class production capabilities. QIAO FU SHEN has an innovative factory equipped with technologically advanced casting equipment, allowing us to consistently produce high-quality products that meet customer expectations.

CNC Machining
QIAO FU SHEN offers highly automated CNC control machining, including clean and final testing for large-scale production and separate CNC machining for medium and small batch production. We work closely with CNC tool suppliers, enabling us to provide efficient production solutions and continuous improvements.

QIAO FU SHEN provides customized product assembly services according to your design specifications. Automated production lines assemble various components while performing leakage tests and function tests, ensuring the highest quality standards and efficient turnaround times. Our assembly capabilities allow us to provide comprehensive services for all customers seeking a one-stop solution, thus reducing time to market and improving cost-effectiveness.

Step 4: Service

Our core values form the foundation of our company culture and guide our daily work. We strive to deliver the highest quality products and services. As your reliable partner with flexibility and a high level of service, we are always committed to exceeding expectations. Throughout the design process, we understand the challenges you face. Sometimes, you may want to speak with equally skilled engineers or designers. You are welcome to contact us as early as possible! QIAO FU SHEN offers design review meetings with our engineers on your site until the project design is completed.