Mass Production of Heat Treatment Fixtures in 4 Steps

14 November, 2023

Mass Production of Heat Treatment Fixtures in 4 Steps

Heat treatment fixtures are tools used to secure, place, and support metal components during the heat treatment process. They enhance the efficiency and quality of heat treatment. The production steps for heat treatment fixtures, such as trays, pillars, washers, cages, and circulating fan blades.

Generally include the following


Design of Heat Treatment Fixtures

Design the casting structure and dimensions of the heat treatment fixtures based on their shape, size, weight, material, and heat treatment requirements.Choose suitable heat-resistant alloy materials, such as heat-resistant steel or superalloys.


Mold Design and Production for Heat Treatment Fixtures

Design and produce molds suitable for the structure, material, and molding method of the heat treatment fixtures.


Molding and Casting of Heat Treatment Fixtures

Typically use sand molding to produce heat treatment fixtures.The process involves mold creation, alloy material selection, melting, casting, demolding, sand cleaning, cutting, and grinding to complete the production of heat treatment fixture castings.


Testing of Heat Treatment Fixtures

Inspect the appearance quality, dimensions, and assembly of heat treatment fixtures.Perform inspections such as high-temperature tensile testing if there are specific requirements.Ensure compliance with specifications and standards, verifying the fixtures can withstand high temperatures and pressure. 

Ensuring Quality and Inspection Methods for Heat Treatment Fixtures


Heat treatment fixtures

Are tools used to secure, place, and support workpieces during the heat treatment process. The quality of heat treatment fixtures directly affects the effectiveness and lifespan of the heat treatment process for workpieces, necessitating strict control and inspection.


Selection of Appropriate Material for Heat Treatment Fixtures

Choose materials with good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, and toughness.
Common materials include heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys.


Design of Rational Heat Treatment Fixture Structure

Keep the structure of heat treatment fixtures as simple, sturdy, and lightweight as possible.Ensure even heating and cooling of workpieces, minimizing deformation and cracking.
Consider factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, decarburization, and atmosphere flow in the fixture structure design.


Strict Adherence to Manufacturing and Usage Standards for Heat Treatment Fixtures

Follow the requirements of drawings and relevant standards during the manufacturing process to ensure performance and longevity.Adhere to operational procedures during usage and regularly perform cleaning, maintenance, and replacement to prevent contamination and damage.


Implementation of Effective Inspection and Evaluation Methods for Heat Treatment Fixtures 

Inspection methods include visual inspection, dimension measurement, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, and non-destructive testing.These methods help identify defects and issues in heat treatment fixtures, providing a basis for improvement and optimization.

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